Wednesday, 10 September 2014

A Very Good Week

Today is a very important day because today I get to see Kate Bush live in concert, something I never thought I'd see. 35 years since her last performances!

Tomorrow is a very important day because it will be exactly 10 years since I moved to Liverpool. It was windy, it was pissing down with rain and my friend Sarah, who I hadn't seen for about 7 years took, me out for a meal at Marantos on Lark Lane. And the next day I had my induction at LIPA.

Ten years on and I'm not working in the theatre, or at least not much, but I am running my own business and it's not too shabby! So, to celebrate both these things, I'm giving you all 35% off everything in my shop until Monday.


Sunday, 7 September 2014

Local Colour

I'm in the middle of planning a photoshoot for my Autumn-Winter collection, very exciting, and went for a wander around my neighbourhood to check out potential locations. Even though I live in a pretty built-up area of a large city I'm never far from nature!

 Brambles growing out from the gardens bordering our local park, would it be cheeky to go pick some?

 Ivy covers everything in my neighbourhood.

 This fella was on the lake at the park and flew away before I could get a picture. He seemed quite happy at the very top of this tree though.
 Hawthorn everywhere.
And this little chap was just hanging out in the tangle of bushes in front of my flat! He makes a change from the usual magpies and squirrels out there.
Tomorrow I'm visiting Ness Gardens on the Wirral to do some planning for an event I'm organising there so who knows what flora and fauna I'll see there!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Etsy Picks: Time for Tea

This week is National Afternoon Tea Week! I don't know what that entails particularly, but I've made a treasury on Etsy to celebrate all things tea party. I've gone for a fresh, bright feel, lots of popping colour and strong shapes. Here's a few of my faves, I hope you like them!

I love this Scandi print tea cosy by AndShine.
These coffee pot wall decals by SirFaceGraphics are available in a range of colours and would instantly brighten up any wall.
This gorgeous macaroon photo by KeriBevan looks good enough to eat.
This pretty upcycled cake stand by AnnaJaneVintage is delicate but not fussy. Perfect for my tea party!

Saturday, 9 August 2014

Making Plans

My studio suffers from an abundance of dress patterns, all safely stored away in an old filing cabinet, and of fabric, which is less safely shoved on a very bowed set of shelves for all the world to see. Fortunately there is one very simple solution to this problem; MAKE THINGS. Here is what I am thinking so far...
A Hazel dress by Colette in a retro floral cotton.
Some sort of pajama-y/night dress/shorts thing in these Tana Lawns I was given for Christmas.
 I've got loads of this poly-cotton madras fabric so potentially a cheongsam style dress altered from this pattern, and..
A 50s style shirtwaister using this Burda repro pattern.
Still not decided on this one, I LOVE the fabric, and am thinking a peplum top in a similar style to this dress. Or maybe a skirt? Or something else entirely?
 Possibly a blouse in this green print chiffon, although there's about 3m of it, so I could do a full dress?

 I got a copy of Drape Drape ages ago and haven't made anything from it yet so hopefully this navy stripe jersey will become a lovely dress like this one.

 And this blue and grey jersey might get the Drape Drape treatment too, maybe with a bit of contrast trim, or a printed yoke section.

For once I've been a good dressmaker and washed all my fabrics first, with varying success, that blue jersey is VERY blue and it's not afraid to share it. No major disasters, just might need to get some colour run remover next time I'm in town...

So, what's on your sewing pile? 
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